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Well-Well-Well Done!!
Keep on rattling cages!!!

Best Podcast for the True Crime lover!
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Heath and Daphne do a great job researching their stories. I love the 911 calls and interviews that they play. I especially enjoy the theories they present at the end!! Keep up the good work, guys!!! -Kelley R. in Nashville

Awesome Podcast!
I am hooked right at first episode, awesome job!!! Thanks for bringing this case to be noticed

Love the podcast and delivery. One star deducted because I don’t love that another case is being brought into it also. No matter the similarities, it’s not the same suspect so I find it distracting. Overall great podcast!!

GREAT Podcast!!!
Great Podcast, hooked from the first episode! Looking forward to future podcasts!!

I’m a couple episodes in and I’m hooked. Fascinating story you’ve probably never hear of.

Love it!
This story is so captivating! I’m excited to hear it hopefully unfold! Binged to current now! Awesome job!

Amazingly well done podcast about a story I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard. I live in Alabama and am very active with missing persons cases and never heard of this before. Huge round of applause for bringing awareness to this case and doing it in an awesome way!

This is very well done
Looking forward to future episodes and was so excited to hear Mark Gillespie’s take on the fires! He did a great job with Sheila on the without warning podcast and I’m getting the kind of vibe it’s similar investigative work with this one. Love it and keep up the great work!

Very well done!
Host does a great job unraveling this podcast. Great voice and intriguing subject matter.

Very thorough and informative!! Kuddos for doing your part to help solve this!

Thumbs up
Very good

Want more
Really want a conclusion to this story!

Great podcast.
This one is very well done & interesting. Great production & delivery of information

Well done
This podcast is extremely well done and I am sure the family is very thankful this is being brought to the forefront. I like how the host describes and reviews information in a very methodical way. This makes the details very easy to follow. Prayers for this family to find some answers.

Enjoying the podcast and how you are bringing the case back to life. Why hasn’t the husband been arrested yet?

This is the one of the best!
I’ve been listening to true crime podcasts for a few months now. Needless to say there have been a lot of misses. This podcast however, is definitely one of the most interesting and professionally done that I’ve heard so far. I’m hoping there will be more to come. I love the way the story is told.

Prayed for the Family
This case has been under investigated. Thank you bringing this case back to life.

Interesting story and case. I hope they find out what happened to these people. So sad for the family.

On the edge of my seat...
This one has me wanting to hear the whole story...I feel so bad for this family and hope that they can get some answers and some justice

Have enjoyed listening to this!

Great Podcast!!!
If you are a true crime fan, you’ll love this podcast. The details of this disappearance are crazy and she does a great job of telling their story.

Love it!
It’s well written and easy to follow. I feel like I know the victims personally I can’t wait for the remaining episodes. This one has quickly become a favorite