Awesome work!

I love this podcast and I look forward to new episodes! The information given is always detailed and presented in an orderly way, which I appreciate!!!

Love this

I’ve listened to every single episode I can’t wait for the next ones to come out !! Hurry up 💜💜 all these people were from the town I used to live in for 10 years Haleyville Alabama so sad 😞 Please hurry with the next episode I’m interested in hearing what has been discussed next


Need new episodes!!b I’m hooked!!

Child hood friend

Couldn’t stop listen grate job

My favorite podcast

My husband and I are hooked! Thank you, Amber, for all your hard work and dedication to these cases! Sam & Wes Cullman, Al

Justice for Jessica Hamby & Jeremy Abbott!

I can’t say enough about this podcast! It’s THE BEST!!! I haven’t been this hooked on something since I finished criminal minds! 10/10!!


Awesome investigating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great show

Love the show


This show is very well done! What a great podcast!!


This podcast is incredible. The writing, the research, everything about it is perfect. You won’t want to miss this podcast.

Dark Horse

Wasn’t sure I would like this one but I was so wrong. Still on Season 1 but I’m addicted! Love the investigative host.

Love this

I’ve listened to every single episode I can’t wait for the next ones to come out !! Hurry up 💜💜 all these people were from the town I used to live in for 10 years Haleyville Alabama so sad 😞

Best Ever

Love your podcast! You help so many and speak for those that can’t. You try to make sure people are not forgotten. For someone to give a bad rating because of grammar is so stupid on their part. The work you do is fantastic and well appreciated by so many. Screw your words up, those who get the real objective to what you’re doing won’t mind a bit. Keep up the good fight!

The wife of the bondsman

I am the wife of Jeff the bondsman. I have been listening to the pod cast since day one and it’s been so informative! Y’all are doing a great job! i have had so many people message me to tell me that my husband was mentioned in the episode and had me worried because we weren’t notified that he was going to be mentioned but all is good because it is public info and what was said is how it all went down. jeff and i want justice for her and we hope it is found! keep up the amazing job!

Desirably disturbing

Expertly researched, fearlessly investigated and clearly narrated. Amber and Michael are doing great things by uncovering the truth for these families.

So Compelling!

So well researched, written and delivered. I cannot even imagine being in the place of Eric‘s mom. What a strong powerful woman! And Amber is doing such important work on the behalf of people who have not only experienced devastating murders but then have been victimized and brutalized by law enforcement who are paid by the citizens to protect & serve. I am so impressed with Amber’s investigative work and can’t stop binge listening even though the content is emotionally distressing to hear. I want to add to my review that I neglected to mention the excellent work Michael does. His skills are amazing. I would certainly want someone like him to be working on my loved ones behalf


I listen to this show on a Whim the other night when I couldn’t sleep and was hooked. I binged it. You guys are fierce and brave for calling out sloppy police work! I love every second of it! Thanks for shinning a light on people that are missing who have no voice. I think of Eric Cates daily, and pray for a resolution for his sweet momma.

Bama resident? You have to hear these stories!

As a true crime fan and lifelong Alabama resident, I Love this podcast. The stories make you remember that trouble is never that far away. And it exposes corrupt public officials. Don’t miss a single season!!

Love this podcast

This podcast is excellent at shining a light on the goings on in small town Alabama. Keep up the great work. Hopefully the truth will come to light soon. I am always eagerly awaiting the next episode and listen to it as soon as it’s out! Great job!

Love It

Just wanted to say thank you from Georgia. I’m obsessed with this podcast, not just with how well narrated it is, but how incredibly well researched theses cases are. Simply stellar!


I have been hoping someone competent would take on these cases and corruption in the form of a podcast. I just binged every single episode. So professionally and thoroughly executed. Also, done with noble intent..for justice and to stand up for victims and their families who are suffering so much. These cases have burned into my soul but truly didn’t know how to help. In this upside down world we are currently living in, it gave me some hope to see people giving their time, resources and talents to the cause of what is right, expecting nothing in return but results for these families. Best series I have heard ever. I would give 10 stars if I could.


I live in Alabama abs was recommended this show. I’m hooked and not a typical crime podcast listener. Since discovering this show I’ve tried others and they just don’t compare.


I so enjoyed the Secrets True Crime , I live in Alabama and didn’t have a clue to so much corruption in police office as in Walker co. My husband was a police officer for 25 years so I firmly take police work seriously and nobody especially law enforcement should ever look at murder crimes lightly. I have a theory on Cates murder. It just wouldn’t surprise me if police were involved or protecting someone.


Thank you for all that you do for the family and friends of the people who have lost their lives and need answers. I have been following the Eric and gypsy story on Facebook for years and I’m so glad that you all have taken your time on this much needed story that needs to be heard. I hope and pray that this will help get justice for Eric and Gypsy’s death. You guys are doing an amazing job and I love this podcast.

Great Podcaster

I listened to dozens of Podcasts and this is a very good one. The Podcasts are not scripted like a lot of others that speculate on stuff. Lots of actual interviews with the people that are involved. Not tons of commercials and doesn’t lean to always blaming law enforcement for every single thing. Just factual and not biased. A nice change.

Alabama True Crime

So thankful you have shined light on the Eric Cates and Gypsie murder. I know some of his family and I am so very thankful that someone is finally discussing the logistics of this case. Several of us from work started listening to this podcast and now I have also listened to season 1 as well. I have actually lived in Wetumpka so that hits close to home as well. Hopefully people will start coming forward with information to solve these cases. Thank you again!!!


So I just started listening, but it so weird to me how Eric said he was going to a bbq Friday night and the next day he was found burned in his truck. Hopefully as I move threw the podcast some light will be shed on that. Just very odd to me.

Please Keep Up Your Great Work

How does Walker County Police continue to get by with such as this? I have known Toby for many years and she’s a great person only doing what a parent should do. I’m sure they would have locked me up more than once if I was dealing with what Toby is. Great podcast and very needed

Just..WOW! An unbelievably sad, angry and intriguing

I live in Birmingham AL. This hits home in a way I cannot describe. It isn't only about the victims but other crimes uncovered during this gripping discovery. The plot thickens, as it is said, AND OH BUT HOW! Let me say, if you enjoy true crime, small town Secrets is for you. Press PLAY NOW! I blew through 9 episodes. Great job Amber and kudos to Toby, (the parent) for fighting for the truth..I want to hear MORE AND MORE of this very twisted cold case that continues. You will enjoy how the story is told as well as the unbelievable circumstances that happened just two counties over from my home town.