I have been hoping someone competent would take on these cases and corruption in the form of a podcast. I just binged every single episode. So professionally and thoroughly executed. Also, done with noble intent..for justice and to stand up for victims and their families who are suffering so much. These cases have burned into my soul but truly didn’t know how to help. In this upside down world we are currently living in, it gave me some hope to see people giving their time, resources and talents to the cause of what is right, expecting nothing in return but results for these families. Best series I have heard ever. I would give 10 stars if I could.


I live in Alabama abs was recommended this show. I’m hooked and not a typical crime podcast listener. Since discovering this show I’ve tried others and they just don’t compare.


I so enjoyed the Secrets True Crime , I live in Alabama and didn’t have a clue to so much corruption in police office as in Walker co. My husband was a police officer for 25 years so I firmly take police work seriously and nobody especially law enforcement should ever look at murder crimes lightly. I have a theory on Cates murder. It just wouldn’t surprise me if police were involved or protecting someone.


Thank you for all that you do for the family and friends of the people who have lost their lives and need answers. I have been following the Eric and gypsy story on Facebook for years and I’m so glad that you all have taken your time on this much needed story that needs to be heard. I hope and pray that this will help get justice for Eric and Gypsy’s death. You guys are doing an amazing job and I love this podcast.

Great Podcaster

I listened to dozens of Podcasts and this is a very good one. The Podcasts are not scripted like a lot of others that speculate on stuff. Lots of actual interviews with the people that are involved. Not tons of commercials and doesn’t lean to always blaming law enforcement for every single thing. Just factual and not biased. A nice change.

Alabama True Crime

So thankful you have shined light on the Eric Cates and Gypsie murder. I know some of his family and I am so very thankful that someone is finally discussing the logistics of this case. Several of us from work started listening to this podcast and now I have also listened to season 1 as well. I have actually lived in Wetumpka so that hits close to home as well. Hopefully people will start coming forward with information to solve these cases. Thank you again!!!


So I just started listening, but it so weird to me how Eric said he was going to a bbq Friday night and the next day he was found burned in his truck. Hopefully as I move threw the podcast some light will be shed on that. Just very odd to me.

Please Keep Up Your Great Work

How does Walker County Police continue to get by with such as this? I have known Toby for many years and she’s a great person only doing what a parent should do. I’m sure they would have locked me up more than once if I was dealing with what Toby is. Great podcast and very needed

Just..WOW! An unbelievably sad, angry and intriguing

I live in Birmingham AL. This hits home in a way I cannot describe. It isn't only about the victims but other crimes uncovered during this gripping discovery. The plot thickens, as it is said, AND OH BUT HOW! Let me say, if you enjoy true crime, small town Secrets is for you. Press PLAY NOW! I blew through 9 episodes. Great job Amber and kudos to Toby, (the parent) for fighting for the truth..I want to hear MORE AND MORE of this very twisted cold case that continues. You will enjoy how the story is told as well as the unbelievable circumstances that happened just two counties over from my home town.

Missing Episode

Love the podcast! Only complaint is I do not see the final bonus episode for the Hayden Mayberry case. The last one I heard was called Smoke after that nothing. What’s up?

Sounds like....

The police need to be policed.

Awesome podcast

OMG!! I just found this podcast a few days ago and listened to all the episodes in two days.. I live in Alabama so this podcast really interests me.. I need more episodes please..

Love the Podcast

Just finished Season 1 and it was incredible. I’ve been looking for a podcast that spends an entire season on a single crime. Bonus is I live in Alabama and familiar with the locations where the stories are taking place. Next up, Season 2!

Just..WOW! An unbelievably sad, angry and intriguing

I live in Birmingham AL. This hits home in a way I cannot describe. It isn't only about the victims but other crimes uncovered during this gripping discovery. The plot thickens, as it is said, AND OH BUT HOW! Let me say, if you enjoy true crime, small town Secrets is for you. Press PLAY NOW! blew through 9 episodes in a day! Great job Amber and kudos to Tobbie, the parent for fighting for the truth..I want to hear MORE AND MORE of this very twisted cold case that continues.

Season 3

I am ready for season 3. Is there a tentative release date?

Great Story!

Love the podcast and host!! Some of the women interviewed are circular talkers and repeat phrases and details 4 or 5 or more times when talking and telling a story. It’s a little aggravating waiting for them to finish a story. Wish it could have been edited. Grew up in Wetumpka and this story rocked Elmore County and I wish they would arrest this guy!!!


Thank you. Great job. The p in corps and t in often are silent, sorry grammar major here.

Best Podcast I have listened to.

When I listen to podcasts it’s all about crime and murder. This is the most detailed and informative podcast I have listen to. Thank you for all of your hard work and information that you shared.

Totally Addictive!!!

What a great podcast! Binge-worthy!!! I’m a true crime addict so 5 stars is a rare occurrence! Can’t stop listening!

Eric and Gypsy

Compelling and Disturbing. Binged the entirety of Season 2. This story is sadly not the first or last time Elected Officials are and will be corrupt. I think Eric’s mother has unbelievable bravery ,enormous strength and is unstoppable in her pursuit for the truth. I applaud you!!


This is one of the very few podcasts that I listen to. Amazing job! I’m so so thankful for a podcast that doesn’t have constant curse words. They are hard to find. Love stories that have interviews with people related to the story. Also, a podcast that has multiple episodes of a story. Keep up the GREAT work!! I’m elated to find a podcast that has everything I love in a podcast. Hoping you continue with new seasons/episodes. 💜🥰

Eric and Gypsy

I have never been so emotionally invested in a podcast. Thank you.

Love love love!

Justice for Eric and Gypsy!🥺😔😢



Must listen

Very very good podcast! Highly recommend

Good Podcast

I just found this podcast the other day and am listening to season 2 about Eric. It’s very interesting. Definitely binge worthy.

Great show!

Love this Podcast! It is one of my top 3! I can not stop listening!

Thumbs up!!

Wonderfully written and informative. I am a resident of this county. It’s so good to know the ‘real’ stories of these folks

Shining the Light

This podcast is doing a great community service for Walker County, Alabama.

Love the format!

I love how they tell the story. I can’t stand to have to listen to the back and forth chit chat. This podcast has a great format and is executed very well.


Throughly enjoy listening! The podcast is very captivating and the very well told. You can tell her heart is in the research and investigation put into making it.


I absolutely love this podcast! Amber keeps you interested and gives so much information.

Great podcast

She cares so much and tells the stories great!


Excellent binge worthy podcast. Great voice and filled with valuable content.

Great pod cast

Enjoyed the podcast

Great Podcast

Love this show!

Eric and gypsy

I’m sure the mom (Toby) has a good idea of who it was. I wish she would say who she thinks it was that murdered Eric. I don’t think it was randy. I think that’s why he was murdered cause he was going to tell. Possible his brother. I’m from walker county right down the road from empire and I know how the county is.. love this podcast!

Great podcast but season 2 is dragging on...

I loved Season 1. I’ve been very interested in Season 2 also, until listening to the last two or three episodes. I think Tobbie’s story is very compelling but I’m tired of listening to her go on and on about numerous details that we have already heard. I love that you got Eric’s case in the hands of someone who will really investigate it but I’m losing interest the longer Tobbie talks.


I have been so touched by this story. Thank you for bringing attention to this tragedy. Praying there will be justice for the family.

Good job but tunnel vision

I think over all the podcaster doors a great job of presenting the information; however they develop tunnel vision on a single suspect very quickly to the exclusion of others.

Great Investigative Podcast!

This podcast is thorough and awesome! I love the no-nonsense approach and the narration is wonderful as well. This is one of those hidden gems that you stumble upon and are sooooo glad you did! Thank you for shedding light on this interesting and heartbreaking case!!


Toby is AMAZINGGGG!!!!

Love this Podcast

I live in Alabama so this is the best!! Good work

5 Stars 🌟 and then some: Best podcast ever!!!

This woman right here is; Awesome!!! Girl I’m so grateful to have u and ur team working on this case! I love hearing u talk about the things that may or may not have happened and getting to the bottom of things once and for all so that his mom Can finally begin to grieve if my a long time

Love it! Thank you for all the hard work!

I’ve read some of the negative reviews; don’t listen to them. This podcast is great. Very addictive. Can’t wait til the next episode. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done helping get justice for this family.

Walker Co Sheriff

When is this position up for re-election? Why can’t the FBI get involved in this and the many other unsolved cases in Walker Co? Most of us are held accountable for the jobs we do everyday and it seems like accountability is taking a back seat in a lot of cases in Walker Co.


I’m from an hour away from Walker County and I’ve always been fascinated with the mysteries of this county, as I’ve heard how bad it is since I was really young. Pretty awesome job of shedding light on this stuff.


Such a great podcast! I am from Florida and hearing such corruption happening in counties such as Walker County is just alarming to myself and I’m sure many other! Prayers to the family. Can’t wait to hear or read this case has been solved!


Thanks for shedding a light on the corruption in Walker County. It’s about time someone did. Anyone that thinks it’s a great or safe place to live is living in their own fantasy world.

Time to file suit

Outrageous! Time to seek remedy through the courts. It’s obvious the county investigators are inept!

Thank You !

I’ve never been much of a podcast listener but I’ve been following you on Facebook since you started covering The deaths of Eric & Gypsy from the same County I live in . I want to say Thank You for all your hard work and dedication to this case, and I’ve also listened to all of the podcasts about Susan & Evan.. my heart breaks for all the family members! I’ve always said That Walker county was the closets Murder Capital to Cullman County! I’m so terrified if I even have to drive thru that County !


Addictive and informative.thanks for all ur hard work for these poor families

Done right

Amber and Mike go out of their way researching and verifying what is said in interviews. That is just one of the reasons you will hear true honest podcast to the best of their ability at Secrets True Crime. They give people their turn to tell their side of the story. No vigilantes here just victims wanting answers that they have been deprived of for almost five years due to certain lawenforcement personnel not doing their job. Most of My family have lived in Walker County all their lives 5 and 6 generations. I grew up here so I can tell you what it was like for me. There are wonderful people in this county. Amber is trying to help solve the horrific murder of my son Eric and his amazing dog Gypsy. If you get upset because they are making your communities look bad get real put yourself in my shoes and tell me what you would do if it was your child burned alive when there are people in these communities who know what happened but don’t tell. This is what gives communities a horrific name throughout the years. Silence speaks volumes. You want to change how people see your communities clean them up and start helping victims and their loved ones.


I really hope we can find answers here, this is so sad. This is a very well done podcast. Thank you for doing this!

I graduated with Eric.

It’s so sad knowing that the ones he trusted were the ones that watched him take his last breath. Eric was definitely a one of a kind. I hope he gets the justice that’s owed to him.

Eric deserves justice

So thankful someone is covering Eric’s murder! I hope his family sees justice done.

Sooo good

Done perfectly and I’m on the edge of my seat at every turn!

Awesome job

Great podcast and very informative

Really great podcast

So glad these families have these good folks to help get them justice

Great podcast!

So many podcast are put out for our entertainment these days. This is one where you can definitely feel the host is doing it because she genuinely wants to help bring awareness and attention to these cases. You can feel how much she cares for the victims and their families. The cases are fascinating but the difference is that this podcaster has brought the humanity back into the story as we all listen to someone else’s nightmare. Thank you for being so real.

Love Love Love Secrets True Crime

I have never listened to a podcasts until I found this one. They have delved deep into a problem that has plagued this area for so long and hopefully this will rattle enough people that families can finally get answers.


All-in-all I am enjoying this podcast very much however, the narrators voice is extremely monotone & it is sometimes a bit frustrating!

The podcast that finally hooked me

Love this podcast! They are hands on and keep you involved in every step! Season one was close to home and drew me in. Season 2 is definitely mind blowing so far and can’t wait for more to be revealed!

Unexpected great indie find!

This started out a little bumpy. And I honestly don’t know that I would enjoy this golf it hadn’t. The evolution of the tools and the investigative styles has been very quick and the author adapts quickly. I feel like I’m listening to a good friend. I really love the feel of this show and always happy to see a new episode pop up.


Absolutely... my favorite podcast!


This is an excellent true crime podcast. Lots of research, telling the story, and speaking with loved ones and friends of the victims. The pace is good and allows the listener to follow and think about every clue given.

Listening in Northport

Great podcast! Love that it is a case in my home state. I pray it helps locate Susan and Evan 🙏🏼 They deserve justice. Keep up the good work!

Great job!

I've been binging on this podcast and I'm really enjoying it! Great job!

Binge worthy

Great podcast


Great podcast. Hopefully you are able to find the bodies for the families.


Enjoy every episode Glad someone is searching for all the missing people

Very well done

I found this podcast to be riveting. Thank you for standing up for the victims.

This deserves more than 5 stars!

I’ve been looking for a Podcast to follow that keeps my interest for a while and this one has exceeded my expectations! It’s very well written, very informative, and extensively researched. I highly recommend!


Well-investigated and thoroughly informative. Keep up the good work, and we pray for closure in both Susan and Eric’s cases. Thank you!

Well done

I didn’t know what to expect. I’m really enjoying it.

Justice for AL

This podcast hits so close to home, every true Alabamian needs to listen, if I could give it 10 Stars I would! Can’t wait for season 2, I followed that story when it was happening.

She knows her stuff.

So well researched!

Love love love

I listen to a lot of true crime podcast this one is definitely in my top 3 favorites🙂


This is so good!

Can’t wait for more

This is a very intriguing story. It has quality audio and production so it’s very enjoyable to listen to. This was one of the best episodes.

Exactly what I was looking for

Being from Birmingham, I’ve been looking for crime podcast based in Alabama. I’m so glad I stumbled across this podcast. I couldn't stop listening. The investigation was professional and thorough. Great job!


This podcast is one of the best of the best. Every murder/missing person case can be solved. Even though we have the most advanced testing equipment in the world, it is incombant on all of us to furnish the tips and information needed for a resolution. A really great podcast can make this possible. This is a factual, well-presented podcast; now let's do our part.


Best podcast I’ve heard!!!!

Thank you

Please continue. What an awesome podcast!

Really interesting story

Great audio. Keep up the good work

Awesome content

I love this podcast

Love this podcast

I am from Alabama and have been through Slapout many times. I really love this podcast.

Love this podcast

This is only the second podcast I listened to. My first was Hide and Seek, which was amazing. I was trying to find something similar and I definitely found it. Hopefully, they can break this case wide open like the other podcast did for Nancy Moyer. I love how the interviews are done and included in the podcast. The pictures are so heartbreaking.

Well-Well-Well Done!!

Keep on rattling cages!!!

Best Podcast for the True Crime lover!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Heath and Daphne do a great job researching their stories. I love the 911 calls and interviews that they play. I especially enjoy the theories they present at the end!! Keep up the good work, guys!!! -Kelley R. in Nashville

Awesome Podcast!

I am hooked right at first episode, awesome job!!! Thanks for bringing this case to be noticed


Love the podcast and delivery. One star deducted because I don’t love that another case is being brought into it also. No matter the similarities, it’s not the same suspect so I find it distracting. Overall great podcast!!

GREAT Podcast!!!

Great Podcast, hooked from the first episode! Looking forward to future podcasts!!


I’m a couple episodes in and I’m hooked. Fascinating story you’ve probably never hear of.

Love it!

This story is so captivating! I’m excited to hear it hopefully unfold! Binged to current now! Awesome job!


Amazingly well done podcast about a story I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard. I live in Alabama and am very active with missing persons cases and never heard of this before. Huge round of applause for bringing awareness to this case and doing it in an awesome way!

This is very well done

Looking forward to future episodes and was so excited to hear Mark Gillespie’s take on the fires! He did a great job with Sheila on the without warning podcast and I’m getting the kind of vibe it’s similar investigative work with this one. Love it and keep up the great work!

Very well done!

Host does a great job unraveling this podcast. Great voice and intriguing subject matter.


Very thorough and informative!! Kuddos for doing your part to help solve this!

Thumbs up

Very good

Want more

Really want a conclusion to this story!

Great podcast.

This one is very well done & interesting. Great production & delivery of information

Well done

This podcast is extremely well done and I am sure the family is very thankful this is being brought to the forefront. I like how the host describes and reviews information in a very methodical way. This makes the details very easy to follow. Prayers for this family to find some answers.


Enjoying the podcast and how you are bringing the case back to life. Why hasn’t the husband been arrested yet?

This is the one of the best!

I’ve been listening to true crime podcasts for a few months now. Needless to say there have been a lot of misses. This podcast however, is definitely one of the most interesting and professionally done that I’ve heard so far. I’m hoping there will be more to come. I love the way the story is told.

Prayed for the Family

This case has been under investigated. Thank you bringing this case back to life.


Interesting story and case. I hope they find out what happened to these people. So sad for the family.

On the edge of my seat...

This one has me wanting to hear the whole story...I feel so bad for this family and hope that they can get some answers and some justice


Have enjoyed listening to this!

Great Podcast!!!

If you are a true crime fan, you’ll love this podcast. The details of this disappearance are crazy and she does a great job of telling their story.

Love it!

It’s well written and easy to follow. I feel like I know the victims personally I can’t wait for the remaining episodes. This one has quickly become a favorite